Hunter Biden admits “The Laptop” was his

And now he wants the information to be kept private. Claims that he was damaged because the information he had on the hard drive was made public.

Hunter Biden FINALLY admits infamous laptop is HIS as he sends letters to prosecutors demanding investigations into Trump allies Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani for peddling hard drive to media

‘Twas Hunter who left the laptop unclaimed after it was fixed, allowing it to become the property of the repair shop to dispose of as they wished. ‘Twas Hunter and his father who denied that the laptop was his. Since it wasn’t his by his own words, how could dissemination of that data be illegal?

Now, of course he admits that it is his and wants the information suppressed.

2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden admits “The Laptop” was his

  1. Good luck, Hunter. Suppressing that info will be like getting the smoke back into a cigarette! Oh, you pooor dear…

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