Whiney little bastards

California can’t seem to ever be happy. This past week or so they got the rain they have been asking for.

Now they are unhappy about it.

Seems that it is always like this.

Then: Whah! we aren’t getting enough rain. Drought! Unfair!! Klimate Change! We need Federal Help!!

Now: Too much rain! Landslides! Mudslides, Unfair! Klimate Change! We need Federal Help!

It never stops, does it?

I mean, places like Arizona and New Mexico are consistent. “Too Dry!” and Washington (state) is ‘Too Wet!….but they say that all the time.

California is NEVER happy. Plus it is always Climate Change/Glowbal Warming/CO2/Ozone/etc causing the issues that they don’t like…..It could never be what the rest of us call “weather”…sometimes it is hot, sometimes it is cold, sometimes more water falls, some years less….But not in California.


I just wish they’d stop whining about it.

(Of course, if they’d manage their stormwater in Southern California, they’d have lots of water to work with, but they just let it run into the ocean.….)

4 thoughts on “Whiney little bastards

  1. So you’ve noticed that also? Yeap, had the distinct thought yesterday, “bastards aren’t happy with anything”.
    Also, the weather weenies and their weather fear porn. Seesh, talk about screeching for viewership. Weather is weather, whether you like it or not.

  2. You’re listening to the news, not the truth. Never mistake one for the other.

    The only people whining about it are the fearporn merchants at ABCNNBCBC, and the entitled jackholes who keep building their houses in brushfire/mudslide territory and/or on beach sand.

    F**k them, sideways, with a dull rusty chainsaw.

    We had a brilliant state water plan, developed by Pat Brown’s people in the 1950s, to accommodate a population of up to 50M people.
    His idiot son was too smart to follow it, so there hasn’t been a dam, reservoir, freeway, or power plant built here since the 1970s.
    We give the money set aside for that to the drug and alcohol addicted crazies and layabout toothless banjo playing kinfolk from the Other 49, and illegal aliens and their gangbanger kids, which is who elected that jackhole 4 times.

    It’s everything wrong with the U.S., in a microcosm.

    The rest of us here are very happy about the rain, since it only lasts a day or two, and the more it snows in the Sierras now, the more water there’ll be next year.
    There’s even a place for people in CA who hate rain. We call it Death Valley. 😉

    • It’s your government that whines as well.

      And it isn’t like you can’t, y’all just *don’t* build things anymore. You fix what is there, but you don’t build new/better.

      The government reflects the citizenry, and you have crap for government.
      If you guys would build some water catchment/storage, you could use those seasonal rains. I mean, millions of gallons just wash downhill into the ocean. You could use some of that to alleviate the supposed drought pain.

  3. Kali hasn’t built a meaningful water storage project since Gov Moonbeam’s daddy, Pat Brown was governor. In that time Kali’s population has more than doubled.

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