Revolt (fixed)

So the GOP members won’t elect the asshole, Kevin (oops)….. Mitch McConnel is pissed


Enough of having more of the same. Enough spineless GOP. Enough of working with the Democrats to break our country.

Will whoever we get as Speaker be better than spineless Kevin?? I dunno. But he won’t be speaker. And that is not a bad thing.

(I’m not sure exactly what happened in the editor to screw things up that bad)


6 thoughts on “Revolt (fixed)

  1. Ummm… it’s Kevin McCarthy, not McConnell… House not Senate.

    • Aye.

      But don’t think that ‘McCuckle’s not pissed as well…

      …that his ‘judasrepublican’ pal is feelin’ da heat.

  2. Yeah, I got that. Bad editing. or the text editor puked, I dunno. Fixed.

    • No problem, it’s easy to confuse entitled uniparty hacks.

      • And easier to be made a fool of when the editing software goes back to your original text, not the corrected stuff in the final version. I thought that I had fixed it, then somehow the first version got published.

  3. Okay, this is an honest query, as I don’t know that much about McCarthy. What do you have against him? I’m not defending him; I really don’t know about him.

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