Lesson for the day, kids:

Don’t take your cell phone along when yer gonna do illegal shit. (Especially when said illegal shit is out in the boodocks where it is easier to check cell phones that ping towers that are likely pretty far apart)

Two Washington men charged in 4 substation attacks on Christmas that cut power for thousands:

Note the key part: “According to the criminal complaint, the two men were identified as possible suspects through the analysis of cellphone records

The rest was analysis of videos and just plain good police work. (which the FBI excels at when not playing politics)

Just a thought: Leave the cell phone at home. If you use a burner phone for communications with your fellow conspiracists, make sure it is NEVER co-located with your main phone. Don’t buy that burner when you have your main phone with you. Never call ANYONE but the other folks (on their burner phones) in the group from that burner phone, and make sure they do the same. If anyone calls any other phone (sister, wife girlfriend, brother, work, parents etc) then the Feebs can track you through that one contact and you are screwed. If the main phone and the burner are co-located (say at your house or a friends house, or work or even a parking lot or in a moving car) while powered on, you give ’em a link to investigate. Again, the FBI are good (when not trying to influence elections) at investigating. Don’t give ’em a clue to build on…

I’m betting that these guys just had their phones with them when they went to the substations. 4 locations and their personal phones pinged towers near each substation at the times when the damage took place. Bingo. Suspects.

Betcha they weren’t the “White Supremacist Militia Domestic Terrorists” the media blamed the attacks on, either.



ETA: Seems that cell phone location data is also a key part of the Iowa murders investigation as well

7 thoughts on “Lesson for the day, kids:

  1. If you have a GM vehicle that has Onstar installed, you always have a cell phone with you when you travel. They always used to be on the Verizon network (not sure if they still are).

    • and the same for Toyota and Subaru and Dodge. All have trackers. I do know that in my Dodge truck that the fuse to disable the “UConnect” feature also disables the Radio and Infotainment center, but it ^can^ be disabled.

      Or, use your neighbor’s car…. or buy a 1990-ish vehicle

  2. Just don’t use a cell phone at all unless you want to be easily tracked. And with facial recognition software using cameras literally everywhere wear a hat and mask all the time. Hey….they WANT us to be masked. Also….they can use gait analysis to get a good idea who so someone seen on video might be. The have lots of tools and unlimited money to use against anyone they wish to investigate and if they wish frame. Plan and act accordingly.

  3. FYI- All vehicles model year 2005 and later have “black boxes” ie trackers.

  4. “I’m betting that these guys just had their phones with them when they went to the substations. ”
    Betting they filmed themselves too………………………

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