If it looks like a Duck

walks and talks. flies and floats like a duck, is there an effective difference?


I had a cold. Sniffles, somewhat congested…. dry throat, slight fever, drainage..

Then it turned thick. Sinus infection.

Then, in conversation, someone said “Sounds like RSV”…so I looked it up

No real difference in symptoms or how to treat for it. So is there any real difference? Does it matter? At the end of it, is it just another name for a common respiratory virus that we all used to generically call a “Cold”?

I honestly don’t know if it is Rhinovirus or RSV. And it doesn’t matter, really.


(and I tested, it ain’t Covid 19 either. Not that it would matter, the treatment for THAT is also pretty much the same)


5 thoughts on “If it looks like a Duck

  1. Eat chicken soup. Get plenty of rest. Stay hot. What ever ails you, I hope you will recover quickly and with the least discomfort.

  2. Yep. Upper respiratory viral infection. Docs rarely know or care which virus is involved and usually don’t care. People with medical co-morbidities (age, impaired/suppressed immunity due to transplant, implant, etc., high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.)

    The chicken soup is critical, preferably prepared by a Baba from Eastern Europe. Crusts of dry toast once you are on the mend. The chicken soup is critical.

    Hooe you are on thr mrnd.

  3. Had the same (whatever)… VA Doc said URI, gave me a steroid shot in the ass and sent me home saying eat and rest.

  4. Most Upper Respiratory viral infections tend to occur in the upper airways.
    RSV has a tendency to infect/inflame lung tissue further down the bronchial tree.
    This makes it a bit more dangerous, especially to the very young and the elderly.
    But the treatments for it are essentially the same as for all viral respiratory illnesses. Support for the bodies immune system as it wages war on the virus.
    Modern medicine doesn’t really treat viral infections. We provide support for the immune system so that it does the job. Even antiviral agents aren’t as effective against viruses as say an antibiotic might be against a bacterium. It’s germ warefare….and the germs have the advantage.

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