If he had tossed ’em in the trash whould anyone have known?

I mean, what with all the misplaced “Classified” documents found around Slow Joe Biden, I have a question….:

IS anyone, anywhere keeping track of these documents? When I handled (low level)   Classified specifications for Navy equipment many years ago, there were no copies able to be made, and they were signed out and in again. Making copies was, IIRC, a 10 year sentence if caught. And every page had to be accounted for..Every Single Page.

Yet, apparently, Joe Biden, from his Vice President days, just casually left Classified information laying around like used Kleenex AND NO ONE NOTICED that they were not returned….. Was no-one keeping track of these documents?

Apparently, the folks in charge of such things had a complete list of what Trump had been given (and refused to return)….was anyone keeping track of the documents that Mr.10% Biden had? Or is that only tracked when the President is Not Acceptable to the establishment folks?


Seriously, did anyone keep track of what Biden had? If not, why not? Or were these illegal copies?

5 thoughts on “If he had tossed ’em in the trash whould anyone have known?

  1. Why not? in part, because several thousands of people would be behind bars if actual enforcement of document security was applied, I doubt no one has the actual number, and those people have no interest in that “style” of vacation, so it is easier to let it happen then lie about it.

  2. You must remember. The rules don’t apply to those on the left.
    Therefore the only people scrutinized regarding “classified documents”
    are NOT leftists. Makes one wonder how much classified intel both
    PeeLousy and the Clinton Crime Cabal has sold over the decades.

  3. Maybe all of Biden’s documents are copies? The originals were returned.

    • Were they? Unauthorized copies of classified documents are illegal. And copies are tracked also…..

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