And it begins

While I hope that 2023 is better, I really have no enthusiasm that it will be.

But to stop hoping is to start the decline to the belief that there is no reason to keep trying.

I will keep trying, and I hope you do as well.

At the end of it all, we are still better here in the US than most of the rest of the world’s citizens.

And for that, I am thankful.


Let us see what 2023 brings us, and pray that we can face it head on.

8 thoughts on “And it begins

  1. indeed we are at a precipice, but there is a slow but steady awakening among the sheeple. elon musk among others are bringing light to the darkness. people are starting to fight back. there is good reason for hope. things will worsen, maybe a lot, before they get better. many shortages and crisis tptb have screamed about all of 2022 never materialized. makes me wonder if they have as much control as some think.

  2. Want a better 2023? Find a commie…or a Dem….the terms are synonymous…and kill them. Nothing else will stop the planned, implemented decline they are creating deliberately.

    • You wanna start hunting people? Is that what you are suggesting the rest of us do?

      I can’t countenance that. Not until they shoot first. Sorry, we ain’t yet at declared war. I’m not willing to start murdering people just yet.

      And I don’t see you showing everyone else the way, either.

      • A lot of people have suggested that over the last few years, and they have also not been in the front of the group, I will not name them, we that do not want the upcoming ruckus know who they are. The qualifer is, Reality does not care what any of us want.

      • The criminal left COUNTS on people who “can’t countenance” violence. Because violence is the ONLY language they hear. As for what I may or may not do…. that’s between me and my conscience.

        • Don’t promote murder on MY blog then, please. Feel free to start your own if you think that message should go out.
          Do what you must. But keep that shit off of my blog.

          I don’t countenance murder. But warfare is another thing. Feel free to declare war. Start one if you must. But I think you want others to do the dirty work while you sit back and encourage them. .

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