They accomplished their goal

“If only we’d known”: three quarters of survey respondents say voters lacked ‘critical’ information about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 elections, and half would have voted differently

Twitter, the FBI, other Media (like the NY Times) and the “experts” that said it was “Russian Disinformation”….

All of ’em accomplished their goal: keeping people (voters!) from finding out the truth about Joe and his son’s dealings…..and helping hide the facts that would keep people from voting for Joe……Keeping Trump’s votes below the “Margin of Cheat”

The sad part of this story is that all these voters were so uninformed that the facts could be hidden from them. Where, exactly, do they get their data, their news, from?

2 thoughts on “They accomplished their goal

  1. I find it fascinating that so many people ” wouldn’t vote the way I did…”. If they knew.
    Pollsters know that people lie about whom they voted for when they exit the booth.
    How about this poll? Are people lying, just to appear aware? Are people really THAT FRIGGIN STOOPID, that they weren’t aware?
    We need to review their browser history, if there are more porn sites listed compared to political sites, they automatically lose their voting rights

  2. Wouldn’t have mattered. The DNC was willing to create as many fraudulent ballots as required to insure they won the White House. Just like they created massive numbers of the fake votes needed to thwart the GOP “red wave”.in the midterms. TINVOWOOT

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