5 thoughts on “The left shifts its vendetta

  1. That which they cannot control, they will try to destroy.

  2. …Or with the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS streaming across our border and diluting our culture forever…

  3. Deanie O. made a FOIA either knowing that it could not be released and it was just his publicity stunt and search for a bit of the spotlight, or more likely not knowing that FOIAs don;t work for immigration applications, making him as crappy a lawyer as he is a comedian/commentator.

    Mind you, it’s likely some simp may still leak Elon’s application (and its unlikely even if leaked that there’s any there there in any case) but for now, this is all proggy-playing-to-the-base sound and fury signifying nothing.

  4. The Illegal influx is a necessary solution to the urban ghetto problem. The model is Compton, California. They brought in a Hispanic population, and their gangs, to drive the Black ghetto gangs out of town. Compton went from about 100% Black with about 100 homey-cides per year to about 70% Hispanic with next to no violent crime. Brought profit to the property owners and grift to the politicians.

    You gunna love your new neighbors.

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