temporary hold.

If I were a liberal, like, say, Ms Misfit, The headline would be full of hyperbole:

Killer robots out on hold!

But what it really is is that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is taking a long hard look at how the suggested robots could be employed. They were never gonna carry rifles into combat with bank robbers,…..

San Francisco supervisors voted Tuesday to put the brakes on a controversial policy that would let police use robots for deadly force.

But since most liberals (and a LOT of Conservatives) only read the headline, the Hyperbole becomes the belief.

I can see where having a robot with a basketful of Flash-Bang stun grenades could be a useful tool and an ideal alternative to cops busting down a door…..or in a hostage situation. I can also envision many circumstances where the police could easily misuse such devices. Boys like to use their toys, after all.



One thought on “temporary hold.

  1. If it’s possible for a government entity to misuse a power or an authority you can bet the farm they will misuse it. Safest bet on the planet.

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