No pattern here:

Married men went R by 19 points

Married Women went R by 14 points

Unmarried women over 40 went D by 36 pts.

While I cannot confirm those numbers fully, it does fit a pattern I see in the people I know, both Meatspace and online. (there is some overlap…some folks I have met but we mostly interact online).

Essentially single ladies with lots of cats that cannot have a relationship voted D, while those with a relationship voted R. (But these single ladies “Don’t Need a Man”….but most of them depend on the State for protection and other survival)

The ability of women to lie to themselves, especially in large groups is amazing…..

5 thoughts on “No pattern here:

  1. Taking an anti abortion stance is great in principle but unrealistic in politics. Women don’t want men telling them what they can or can’t do.

    • “Women don’t want men telling them what they can or can’t do”

      Kind of ironic considering they are also big advocates for getting rid of us along with our tolerant culture and replacing us with Moslems and 3rd world tribalists. If any of these witches live that long, they will spend the rest of their days wearing a burka.

  2. And don’t forget the kids… predominantly went D because they want their free cheese.

  3. America’s fate was sealed when women were given the right to vote. The vast majority vote their feelings. That’s always a recipe for disaster.

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