3 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser..

  1. By the time this is done, the truth will be indistinguishable from the lies. …Therein lies the plan…

  2. The “narrative” is whatever the lefts media whores accomplices say it is. Even if it changes on an hourly basis.

  3. Occam’s Razor.
    I want to believe the simplest answer of “Some mentally ill due broke in and assaulted Mr. Pelosi.”
    However, the actions and inactions of the pelosi’s, media, leftists, cops, DA etc suggest something else.
    Two choices:
    It was the simple answer and “they” don’t want to prove it just to make everyone else look like “conspiracy” theorists
    Something really fucked up happened and they NEED to cover it up.
    Remember, Democrats/Liberal lie about everything

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