So the Leftists and the pro-Abortion folks (but I repeat myself) are pushing ads about their opponents who, mostly, don’t like abortion.

And they keep brining up the point that in most cases there are “No exceptions for the health or to save the life of the Mother”.

A question: What percentage of abortions are actually performed for the health of, or to save the life of the mother? For that matter, since they bring it up, what about the percentage of abortions that are performed due to incest? And what percentage are simply retroactive conception control for women who ether could not be bothered to use some other form of pregnancy prevention? ?  Does anyone have any source of real, unbiased, data?

I think that if Abortion were “Safe, Legal, and Rare” then there would be no question, and the Right side conservative pro life folks would not have any platform……But I am not sure that it isn’t, all of that, either…..



7 thoughts on “Question:

  1. It boggles my mind that these people are arguing that murdering their own unborn children is their “Right”.
    It is un fucking believable.

  2. I went looking for it when I was arguing with a Democrat about their love of infanticide, but the newest data I could find was about 10-15 years old.
    It’s like someone either quit doing the studies, or the Left is suppressing it.

    IIRR- both rape and incest (back then) were in the single digits percentage-wise

    • Those numbers are at the high end of the guesstimate. And that’s all it is.

      Real world, it’s probably less than 0.5% of all abortions performed total, and far less than that percentage of all pregnancies.

      But the Left never lets facts get in the way of any narrative, so they jump on the outliers like a trampoline, and shriek and throw poop if you call them on it, like most baboons.

  3. My question is, if abortion is safe and legal, and such a great thing, then why do the pro abortion forces want to stress that it should be rare? I mean, if it is just another form of birth control, the way that some of them use it, what difference does it make how rare it is?
    Could it be that they actually understand that it is murder of babies, but they don’t want to face up to that fact? As a Christian, I believe that self defense is supported by the Bible, and if a woman’s life is in danger, the taking of the life of a baby could be justified. I could even go so far as to say the same thing for that 10 year old child that they marched out a number of months ago, trying to bring a test case up as proof of the need for abortion. It is obvious that a 10 year old has a danger of her life in giving birth at that age.
    That is a very long way away from the woman who gets an abortion of convenience.

  4. MC found the ‘latest’ research that is being admitted to… There is obviously more stuff out there, but it is being suppressed because it probably doesn’t fit the narrative ‘somebody’ is trying to portray.

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