Have you noticed?

Either every reporter (for the National News broadcasts, anyway, and many of the locals as well) is just a news reader or they are all actively trying to undermine Trump.

I saw the local CBS tv reporter tell us about the Jan 6 Committee Subpoena to Trump and his reaction to it and her words about Trump included “the claims of a stolen election now proven false”….and the National CBS News broadcast used as well regarding the same topic: “The false claims of a stolen elections”. I heard nearly the exact words on the radio on my way home….. I have noticed that nearly every reporter reading a news story about Trump uses similar, if not identical, wording. So either they are just reading what someone has put in front of then (and who writes their commentary then????) and have no volition of their own or they all are in on the game to make Trump look bad, if only by repeating something that they cannot prove. If they say it often enough, I think that they believe people will believe it. The fact is that we have no idea if the election was stolen. No one bothered to investigate, despite much statistical evidence that there may have been suspicious results….. In fact, in most places where it mattered, there were active court cases to PREVENT any real investigation.

But say it often enough, and loudly enough and liberal follower types will believe it.

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  1. “No one bothered to investigate, despite much statistical evidence that there may have been suspicious results…”

    Therein lies the issue which led to the PROTEST at the Capitol. Despite the videos and sworn testimony of witnesses, ABSOLUTELY NO ATTEMPT was made to investigate the claims of cheating.

    …And yes, these people ARE lying in unison to fabricate “truth…” Unfortunately, many have their noses so buried in “social media” that they can’t see the truth that’s right before their eyes… or would be right before their eyes if they took a moment to unplug…

  2. They all get ‘words’ to use from the Dems every morning via email.

  3. The criminal commie left OWNS the media….along with Academia, Big Tech and 90% of the Federal Judiciary. If you are not part of THEIR TEAM you simply aren’t allowed to be a “reporter”, “Judge”, “teacher” or anything else. It’s very convenient for them. They get to control EVERYTHING that may actually pose a threat to their hold on power.

  4. Appearance:
    “…And yes, these people ARE lying in unison to fabricate “truth…” “

    What’s actually happening:
    “They all get ‘words’ to use from the Dems every morning via email.”

    One has to ask why any regard whatsoever should be paid to such well organized and highly committed regurgitators of falsehoods. Which, of course, does not answer the question “from whom can one obtain factually accurate information on which, first, opinion, and then, action, may reasonably be based?

    Other than “sure as #&%$ not these people” I’m afraid the choices are limited and not as easily accessible, which does not mean such sources should not be sought regardless of the difficulty.

    There is a solution which, I’m afraid, involves a great deal more direct involvement in information procurement than most of us, so far at least, seem willing to commit to.

    • Start with what’s going on where you are; the things that are going on right before your eyes. Work outward from there. Take “mass shootings.” The MSM wants its viewers to think that these are going on right outside their windows, 24/7. …My town was incorporated 150 years ago, and has not had a “mass shooting” since… My town WAS graced with BLM “peaceful protesters” who stated their case with fire, bricks, and graffiti, and helped themselves to any store carrying cell phones and Nike shoes. Like I said, start and act locally, and then work outward.

  5. Welp, private enterprise works. Can’t go flat out and pass a Bill of Attainder? Just subcontract the dirty work to media concerns.

  6. The Mundt Act of 2012 legalized all the Potemkin Kabuki.

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