Funny how they only give a partial description, innit?

You can see the missing part of the description in the video though:

Shocking moment shoplifter shoved 82-year-old Home Depot worker to the ground after he tried to stop the thief brazenly wheeling a cart full of power tools out of North Carolina store, 

The dude (I assume, anyway, who knows what he identifies as) is described as “was wearing a black Calvin Klein sweatshirt and a mask” is not otherwise described….but watch the video.

Or play “Guess the race”….You know the answer since they didn’t tell you.


Why do they never mention race if it isn’t white, hispanic or asian?

5 thoughts on “Funny how they only give a partial description, innit?

  1. Heh check out this shots fired at a local mall report form the Detroit Free Press: It also stated police were searching for a male wearing black pants and black shoes, with a shirt with a colorful D design on the back, as a person interest.

    The Freep kinda left out a very important feature to aid in identification. Like you, I do wonder why.

  2. Seems like the missing detail is redundant in most cases.

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