Yep, another cord (Yes, a cord, 3 ricks) of seasoned firewood cut, split and ready to be stacked.

What with the expected price of fuel to heat the home, I expect I will use it all.

Now I gotta get it under cover and split at least one more cord for my emergency stash before winter.

Hey, it’s good core exercise that doesn’t kill my aging back.

4 thoughts on “Firewood.

  1. I think that if I swung an axe these days, the head wouldn’t fly off the axe. Instead, my LEFT ARM would fly off my body… at the SHOULDER!!!

  2. Fat sticks (just small enough to fit into the firebox) provide more heat than smaller sticks.
    The smaller the stick, the more sfc area per unit of mass. They burn faster therefore less heat per stick to your abode.

    • Yeah, I’ve been using the same woodstove in the same house for 25 years. I think I got this. But thanks.

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