After 5 weeks…

I flew a Cherokee 180 for an hour. The choices of rental planes is pretty slim…one can rent 172’s in 2 hour blocks, or there is a 180 with limited availability..That is pretty much it.

Man, I never realized how good I had it with the 340 (or the 182 previously) . The differences are tremendous. Not only is the power to weight ratio significantly different (and the Cherokee is a pretty decent airplane in that respect) but the cockpit is wider and much more comfortable in theĀ  340.

The bigger twin (340) is more stable in both pitch and roll, and is just smoother to fly. While the 180 has a decent set of radios, I do miss my Garmin Nav equipment and the Aspen…

I so miss my plane.

It’s like going from a fine educated elegant lady to dating trailer park girls….

9 thoughts on “After 5 weeks…

    • Hey, she’s not flyable. What am I spozed to do?
      I’d go back to the 340 in a heartbeat. I love everything but the fuel bill. (and like most fine rides, she’s expensive to maintain)….

  1. Had the opportunity some years ago to right seat in a 402B, still have the logbook, can’t disagree with the comparison.

    • pretty similar without the pressurization….bigger, but they handle the same.

  2. Ouch. On behalf of all Cherokee (and Archer) 180 pilots on behalf of their trusty (and is some cases equipped with excellent avionics) steeds, all I can say is “Neener Neener!”.

    • Hey, It is a decent airplane…flies well, it just isn’t as nice as my 340.
      The choices are slim here.

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