Planning for blackouts this winter

If I were in England, I’d be hoarding cash…..


Banking and financial firms in London are closely studying and updating contingency electricity supply plans to protect themselves and their customers in case power outages hit the UK this winter

So they (the banks) plan on blackouts…apparently bad enough that they are buying backup generators.

Of course, all the stores won’t be able to process payment cards without power to the terminals, and the data infrastructure and internet won’t have power to transmit that payment data from the store to the banks. I suppose that wireless can take up some of the slack, but that requires power too….

Without cash, the economy as a whole will grind to a halt pretty fast. I doubt that there is enough cash to supply the need, either.

Oughta be interesting, if they do have long term blackouts.




4 thoughts on “Planning for blackouts this winter

  1. Can’t run a gen set with cash. You need actual hydrocarbon based fuel.
    And Europe/Britain simply doesn’t have enough fuel to see them through
    the winter. Same conditions apply here. You can have all the cash in the
    world in your bank account but if the THINGS you need to survive aren’t
    in the stores waiting to be bought your up shiite creek with no paddle.

  2. They will figure it out. It just makes sense to build a multi tiered system where some things are more important than others. Power goes to the most important all the time and something has to give the least important looses power first. So look at this from the government perspective.
    Most important:
    1) Power to the government – without government nothing works
    2) Power to banking – without money nothing works
    3) Power to industry – without industry the economy collapses
    4) Power to the rich – without power the rich cannot control things
    99) Power to the individual – there will be lots of shelters
    Least important.

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