And even the Mail can see it:

The shocking numbers that show the unprecedented impact of illegal immigration into America that should make EVERY politician wake up to the crisis

Seven Million by the end of Biden’s term.

Under Biden, the average is 139,000 illegal immigrants per month.

In and around New York City, a significant surge of 5,000 immigrant children flooded into four counties in a single 11-month span through August 2021, posing a $139 million additional burden on New York taxpayers to educate them.

To put this unprecedented migration in even sharper perspective — consider that over nearly six decades, 12 million legal immigrants were admitted to the US through Ellis Island in New York City’s Hudson Harbor. At its peak, those numbers reached 1,004,756 in 1907, an average of 84,000 legal immigrants a month.

Reread those above numbers. Think about it. Those legal immigrants paid their own way after arriving. Not so much these illegals.

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