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  1. Point of Order:
    As if all the Democrats in the Congress can just amend the Constitution at a whim?

    The Veep has the constitutional authority to break Senate tie votes.

    Neither nitwit lame-duck RINO Liz, nor her Democommunist co-conspirators can revoke that power, unless they can get 37 state legislatures and two-thirds of both houses of the Congress to assent to it first.

    So this is a moot bill, and the only legal abortion this congress will perform this session, dead before it’s even born. It would be stricken down before it even hit the floor, and the next time it’s voted upon, I don’t think Gin Hag will even be the speaker any more.


    It’s a good thing the House doesn’t have anything more important to do than waste their time on dead bills.

    • reread for clarity:

      They want to neuter the Veep from de-certifying the election

      BTW, how’s that gold investment coming?

  2. I read it fine the first time.
    “Want” and “Can Do” are two different things.

    The Veep’s role in the Senate is Constitutionally laid down, and nothing but a Constitutional amendment would have any force of law to change that.
    As they’ll find out in about 5 minutes up the street at SCOTUS.

    Lynn Cheney was never very bright about stuff like that.
    Even without her and 8 other RINOs, the bill would have passed, but as a lame duck, what does she care?

    Gold is doing fine. I’m buying more, because I can. You should too, while it lasts.
    If I was buying it to speculate in the short-term month-to-month, I’d be worried.
    Same for people who think digital cryptofiatbux are money. They’re learning that’s not so the hard way.
    So what’s the trend line on dollars, 1932-present? Is a buck worth 2¢ yet? Or still headed downward from the year’s peak at 1.4¢? Why, just 50 years ago a buck was worth almost four bits, whereas no one has yet figured out how to inflate an ounce of gold. Seems it’s always worth exactly an ounce of gold.
    Thanks for asking. 😉

    • Looks to me that the gold is worth about 11% less of those ever eroding dollars (before selling commissions and other fees) than 3 months ago..

      So an ounce of gold will buy less than it could before…
      Great investment. .
      But hey, it is still an ounce of gold….

      • If you want to focus on five minutes from now, and ignore 50 years or 1000 years or 6000 years of history, go on ahead.

        If you’re speculating for the ultra-short-term payout, buy whatever you like. Tulips. Pet rocks. Cabbage Patch dolls. Whatever. Probably not gold.

        When paper fiatbux of all kinds, plus stocks, plus bonds, are worthless, gold won’t be. Paper is not money, and it’s not a store of value. Never has been.
        Gold has been both for 6000 years of recoded history.
        And on average, an ounce of gold bought just as much in goods and services in 2000 B.C as it does now.

        The ounce of gold someone bought for $400 in 2003 is now worth “only” $1675.
        The ounce of gold someone bought for $1800 last year is now only worth $1675.
        Net: $2200 investment in inflating fiatbux, plus $1350 in added value.
        And it will be 2 ounces of gold forever, and hold the value of gold as long as people trade money for goods and services.
        The odds gold drops 11% to $1500/oz next year are longer than the odds of picking the trifecta for the Triple Crown.

        The $2200 from last year someone didn’t buy gold with is now worth $1800 in real terms, with real inflation running 20% (and it’s probably higher than that).
        Next year, that’ll be $1500-ish.
        Invested in an index fund, it may rise. (If you’re really lucky, it may even keep up with inflation over time.)
        Unless there’s a crash, and then it’s halved.
        And in case of a collapse, it’s toilet paper.

        Stocks? The Dow dropped 20% just this year, since January. (And that’s before we factor in that the index valuation in dollars lost another 20% or on top of that, because of this year’s inflation!)
        Gold has lost only 11%? Boo hoo.

        If you want to bet that another Weimar/Zimbabwe/Venezuela never happens, by all means, invest in other things. You’ll do well, until you get the next 1929/1999/2008/????.

        If you want money, get gold and silver.

        If you want to hedge, do some fraction of your total in each. Then you won’t lose everything.

        Wall Street is a rigged casino game, and I’m not the house. Likely, neither is anyone reading this.

        So that my fiatbux currently buy me 11% more gold now than it did a year ago?
        Oh no, Bre’r Bear! Please don’t trow me in dat briar patch!

        When gold crashes, and drops to $20.67/oz. like it was in 1933 or 1837, or every year between those two, give a holler, and I’ll concede the point.
        Anytime between here, and whenever I punch out of my meatsuit, it’s looking like the best bet, unless you want to go to day-by-day speculation trades.
        IIRC, nobody in 1930 said “If only I’d had more wealth invested in the stock market!”

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