So Trump’s fundraising is “exploding” after the raid as people choose to support his campaign after the Politically motivated “Raid” on his home.

While many folks who had chosen not to donate to his campaign up til now , they are, apparently angered by the partisan justice and blatant games being played by both the Jan 6th committee and now this heavy handed actions by the DOJ. And his contributions have apparently reached records (for this early in the campaign, anyway)

People can see the partisan and heavy handed actions and where they come from, no matter what label of “Law” they are placed under. The grandstanding, the desire to trash his reputation and the complicity of the press.

The Left must really really fear him running again, especially seeing how well Brandon is thought of by most of the population at this point. I think they know that Trump would win over and above the level of Cheat the DNC folks can apply… And that frightens them badly.

4 thoughts on ““Unexpectedly”

  1. My guess is that this raid will produce “BOMBSHELL” “evidence” of a criminal enterprise of Trump, and that he’ll be barred from running again…

    …I believe that’s about the time the lead will begin to fly…

  2. Those 87K IRS agents will be doing a LOT of “auditing”. Who do you think will be high on their target list…..Trump donors.

  3. they leaked to the wash.post that it was nuclear secrets. they should at least try to make it believable. this isn’t going to end well.

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