So are we gonna reduce the US Marshalls?

Seems that the IRS is gaining a LOT of new armed officers.

Armed. 87,000 new gun-toting IRS agents.

Prior to now, generally, when they raided a home or business they used the US Marshalls service or local Law Enforcement to provide the guns….

But now they have (or will soon have) their own armed agents to do the work.

So will we reduce the number of US Marshalls? I mean, since they no longer need ’em and all.

Yea, I know, stop laughing.

One thought on “So are we gonna reduce the US Marshalls?

  1. THIS will be the American Gestapo; an armed force to dodge Posse Comitatus ,and be used against ordinary citizens by the Federal Gov.t under the “flag” of the IRS. They sure aren’t going to help you with the proper forms for filing a tax return. It will not be to provide customer service. Don’t believe them when they say, ” I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” Ask them why they are armed .

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