Someone needs to tell the Media

That flooding from hard rains is not “Flash Flooding:. Places like Dallas don’t have enough elevation changes to allow for Flash Flooding. Not Chicago, either. They can get floods, and even fairly fast moving water, but Flash Flooding is a phenomenon that happens in mountains, or at least places with several hundred feet of elevation changes.

Just ’cause streams overflow and poorly drained areas fill with water, does not a Flash Flood make.

Hint for those folks whose cars were caught in flooded areas:… some attention. Those areas did not fill in just minutes. Nor did the overpasses. Be smart, don’t drive into moving water that is higher than the bottom of your vehicle. Best not to drive into moving water at all, or any water that is higher than 1/3 the way up your tires, even if it is still water. Turning around (or backing up) is generally the best option.

Media: Floods are not :”Flash Floods” even if you think that it makes things sound more dramatic.



One thought on “Someone needs to tell the Media

  1. Yeah; the filling of a poorly drained area over time is NOT a flash flood! Out here in the West there can be flash floods in washes and dry riverbeds MILES from where the rain is falling. THAT is a flash flood!

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