So you get to pay down someone els’s debt:

No one is paying off your home loan, nor your car loan, nor (if you have one) your Small Business loan…Or any other loans you may have chosen to assume.

But you are gonna pay off $20K of some young student’s loan….to the tune of about $2K per (taxpaying) citizen.

Where does Joe get off thinking that it is OK to take your and my money and give it to some student who freely chose to go into debt? Who was, supposedly, an adult, able to make decisions.

How is this fair to those people who found professions without student debt? Those military folks who served (and learned a trade while doing so)? Those of us who paid off OUR student loans? Those who never went to college and who work had for what they got?

I wonder if the “forgiveness” is even legal, really. Has anyone analyzed this?


4 thoughts on “So you get to pay down someone els’s debt:

  1. The D party isn’t just for the elites anymore.

    It is also the party of the baristas.

    “Give me your gender-confused, your lazy, your entitled masses yearning to avoid their debts…”

  2. How about the folks who didn’t go to college and get that degree to avoid the debt in the first place. There’s an extra kick in the balls for them

  3. Since when has “legal” mattered to the commie left. They only have one rule, win. And there is NOBODY LEFT to hold them accountable under the law…..ANY law. Except for rule .308. and that’s the law we are going to have to use to redress our predicament.

  4. Unless Congress appropriates money for this, it’s D.O.A.
    In an election year, it’s a non-starter, and absent massive fraud (which isn’t out of the question), the Democommunists are looking at the Mother of All Electoral @$$whippings, like losing 50 seats, and control of both houses of Congress.

    Emperor Poopypants might as well have declared he was swapping north and south on the compass, and making brussel sprouts the official vegetable.
    He’s got about the same legal authority to do either one.

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