Last night at the Range: (normal Thursday meeting)


“I know¬† lot of folks who regret getting the Covid shot.

I don’t know anyone who regrets not getting one”


I had nothing to add to that.

4 thoughts on “Overheard:

  1. Indeed! Where I work, COVID has taken two swipes at my wing of the building in the last four or five months. Infection was indiscriminate and random, with the infection rate HEAVILY favoring the “vaccinated.”

    I’m 61 years old. I served 21 years in the military. I’m about as vaccinated as they come. In my ENTIRE LIFE, I never knew a person who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. I never even knew anyone who KNEW anyone who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine.” Then the COVID experiment was forced upon America. I know TWO people who had adverse reactions to it. One of them almost lost his arm to a blood clot, and has had trouble with blood clots ever since. …And this was after just ONE DOSE! That’s enough for a hearty “HELL, NO!!!” from this old sailor!

  2. I was forced out of my office for eight months:

    When it was being discussed about me coming back, my boss asked me if I had any problems with having my space moved closer to my team. I said “Nope, no problems.” (been sitting in this spot for 8 years, so the idea that I should be closer to the team is odd)
    But, I knew that the REAL REASON they wanted me to move was because the useless admin that’s in the next cube to me is a Covidiot.
    So, when I actually got back to being able to be in the building, I asked my boss when I should contact IT about moving my gear to the other cube and he said that after reviewing that idea with the AR/HR VP, they decided that wasn’t such a good idea.
    I have at least 5 more years to work so it’s hard to make the decision to sue the business and name the CEO/Big Cheese as a party, but that would have been a 100% lawsuit had they moved me.
    Everyone I know that has had the China Wuhan Virus has been double vaxxed.
    I regret NOTHING for not getting the shot(s) and will NEVER get the shot(s).

  3. Never accepted the chemical DNA altering poison, never will.

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