And the next blue city is about to feel the pain

First bussload of illegal border crossers dropped off in NYC….soon to be soaking up all those Social Services that the city boasts about.

A couple thousand more and lets see if the city can keep up tat level of Social Safety Net….

I think it is great that they are getting a taste of what the southern states have to deal with.



One thought on “And the next blue city is about to feel the pain

  1. I am typing this in McAllen Texas, one of the cities where illegal alien traffic flows through from Mexico to the north.

    If those northern cities think the bus loads are too much, they should visit down here and see what real illegal alien traffic is like. Not a big deal to see groups of individuals strolling along with plastic sacks of belongings and gallon water jugs walking along the streets.

    The more rural areas (Starr county) have it even worse. Not only foot traffic but drug loads crossing the Rio Grande and smuggling crime going back to Mexico. Drug cartels are making mint – they are heavily involved with all smuggling, humans included.

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