So who is charged with molesting this child?

So the Media (and now Joe Biden) are claiming that a 10 year old girl was denied an abortion in Ohio when she was 6 weeks pregnant….

So who is the father? Was it an adult? If so, has that person been charged? If another child, then are they charged with rape?

It isn’t like a 10 year old girl can give consent.

Where are the criminal charges in this case? Or is the case of the 10 year old pregnant  girl just a tear-jerker story designed to make the Pro-abortion folks get all riled up?

But this story is the rallying point for the Pro-abortion folks. It is the reason given for the new executive order from Brandon President Biden.

Is the Biden administration governing based on rumors?

5 thoughts on “So who is charged with molesting this child?

  1. no, they govern based on lies like they have since the beginning.

  2. I’ll bet my finger that all parties involved are negroes.

    • How do you figure that?
      There is no evidence one way or another, so why make that assumption?

  3. Apparently came out of Ohio, no actual fact check on any of this, either by Gov. Dewine who first stated it, or anybody else… My bet is it is fake as hell.

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