So, a question:

The “authorities” figured out who the shooter was fairly quickly…..

They only had a vague description of the guy… really vague..

Yet they were able to come up with a name fairly rapidly….

From Digital Media clues (or so it is reported in the press conferences).

How did they do so so quickly? If there were suspicions, then why not do something beforehand?

If there weren’t, then how did they get the clues to figure out that it was him? Is there a search engine that does this? some sort of algorithm? If there is, then why isn’t it used to identify people who might have such plans beforehand?

Or were they pointed in his direction…..?


6 thoughts on “So, a question:

  1. he left his legally bought gun behind. they traced it to him aweful quickly though. i thought they weren’t supposed to be keeping records on us, lol. riiight.

    • yeah, that is a good point. If they traced the firearm on a holiday, then one has to wonder.

  2. Seems like the fibbies are very eager to announce that the “shooter was known to the FBI” every time something happens. Since it is a repeating pattern it brings up a couple questions:

    Is the FBI spying on everybody, so that everyone is “known to the FBI”?
    Is the claim that the shooter was “known to the FBI” but not stopped a lie in order to give the impression that the FBI knows the minds of people but needs the power to arrest people for a crime they may or may not commit in the future?

    Event happens
    fibbies say we knew him
    people say why didn’t you stop him
    fibbies say give us more money/power
    police state intensifies

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