Now we know why the Uvalde police fought to keep the video from being released:

Here is the story with the video from the School hallway.

It is damning.

“Run away!”


Why is this in the Daily Mail but not all over the US media?

Why are any of the officers shown still employed? (Or run out of town on a rail, for that matter?)

I am gonna say that this is cowardice. Plain and simple. When one signs on to be a police officer, one has to plan to do more than write speeding tickets.

These men should be named in order that they can be called out for their cowardice and failure to protect the children of their community.

I wonder how many of the children bled out in the waiting period between the first and second attempt, and then how many more died from trauma before the final assault on the shooter?




6 thoughts on “Now we know why the Uvalde police fought to keep the video from being released:

  1. Oh; but they damned-sure practiced proper COVID sanitation protocol!…

    You can almost here the DNC saying “Stand fast! We need the body count as high as possible to get our “gun” control legislation through!”

  2. There might be another factor at work, B. Some of the locals have spoken out about how the local PD experieced a 100% staff changeover a couple of years ago, with all the local officers replaced by newer arrivals, and no one in town was quite sure why.

  3. THIS is the zenith of the “I go home at the end of my shift” mentality. They all just wanted to go into a dead room and write a report about what they saw.
    You are all on your own. If THEY come to your door, will you assume them to be there for any legitimate purpose?

  4. It’s not getting play in the media here because it would disrupt the narrative that “the police will protect you so you don’t need a gun” that the progressives keep spewing.

    It also harms the narrative as their failure surely increased the death toll and the story being spun about the incident.

    Apparently the presence of a “good guy with a gun” no longer suffices. We now need a good guy with a gun who has will to actually use it to stop a killer.

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