More and more people are thinking it was a lab leak:

‘It happens, labs aren’t perfect, people aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and there can be contamination,’ she said.

Dr Birx also says that “Covid’s infectiousness was consistent with a virus which had been experimented on in a lab”,

‘In laboratories you grow the virus in human cells, allowing it to adapt more. Each time it passes through human cells it becomes more adapted,’

Also: MoS revealed that the head of the World Health Organisation privately believes the Covid pandemic started following a Chinese lab leak.


Funny, even the “experts” are starting to believe what all of us “Conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along……It is getting to be that the truth comes out months after we all state what is obvious.


3 thoughts on “More and more people are thinking it was a lab leak:

  1. My $0.02: some guy named Wang was charged with incinerating contaminated lab rabbits, and decided to make a quick $20 by selling “perfectly good rabbits” at the local meat market.

    Rabbits are gone: lab is happy.
    Extra $20 in his pocket: Wang is happy.

    A few orders of rabbit chow mein later, Wuhan is off to the COVID races, and the rest is history, and no one knows where it came from.

    • As likely a scenario as any.
      It certainly leaked from the lab, and wasn’t from bats 200 KM away.

      Either way, we have what we have.
      We really should be able to sue the Chinese Government and get their foreign holdings as recompense.

  2. i would agree except authorities caught a scientist from wuhan traveling across canada with a satchel of vials in route to new york. the incident was insignificant at the time, october 2019. that said,i can believe otherwise that it could have been a leak since the lab was cited for lax protocols. but then, why were we funding gain of function research on it t begin with?

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