Got a hard hat?

Seems that pieces of a Chinse Long March 5B rocket will fall back to the earth sometime on Saturday.

22 tons of metal and composite falling. Spread out over Who Knows Where?

Best to take precautions. Wear a hard hat. Carry an umbrella for the small pieces.

Or, stay home and drink under a roof.

Best to be safe.

Of course, if it doesn’t break up then all bets are off. Tons of high velocity rocket parts will ruin your day.

It’ll likely hit me a few hours after I win the big lottery, knowing my luck.

3 thoughts on “Got a hard hat?

  1. The larger parts are falling at a few thousand feet per second. A hard hat will work as a marker for where you were.

    I watched a Chinese satellite break up a few years ago. It was something to see, but when I realized I was standing under where much of it passed over, I went back inside.

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