Too much crime

So Ken Griffin, head of the hedge fun Citadel, has had enough.

He’s tired of the crime, the fact that even he, in his high end neighborhood, isn’t safe from crime, from robbery, from carjacking.

He’s had enough and is moving to Miami. 

He and his staff “No longer feel safe”

All due to “Progressive” policies that enable crime, rather than stifle it.

Lori Lightfoot and her ilk, aided and abetted by Governor Pritzker, have made Chicago a place where decent people don’t feel safe.

This isn’t the South Side, where shooting and carjackings are normal. This is the Northside, where the Wealthy people live. As a friend of my father says (They live in the Northside area) “The streets change hands at night. We don’t go out after dark”….and this isn’t a white person, but a VERY successful black family.

When businesses leave a city due to crime, then someone should take notice and realize that their policies are failing. Not that anyone with half a braid couldn’t see the rise in crime coming from the idiotic policies.

But the Progressive agenda moves ever forward.