Have you noticed???

The Media (and the DNC , apparently) have ceased to call the Jan 6th riot an Insurrection when covering the DNC led hearings aimed at trashing Trump?

No more “Insurrection” no more “removing the foundation of our Democracy” (we aren’t a democracy, but a Republic)…

The media is reporting on the “Hearings” but they seem to be backing off on much of the rhetoric.

The only thing I can figure is that the DNC must be conducting some sort of Focus Group or polling to determine how to play this and which terms are resonating with the public.

They must really fear that Trump will run again in ’24. (And he will likely win, despite his manifold flaws).

One thought on “Have you noticed???

  1. I think they are anticipating a violent wave of attacks by left wing terrorists in response to the SCOTUS decision on abortion. Attacks against Ft. Pelosi by the left with the cameras running while the Jan 6 hearings are still going on will make them look like the fools that they are.

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