“The Big Lie”

The Congressional Star Chamber Investigation into the┬áJan 6 riot keeps using the term “The Big Lie”.

Yet the fact is that at least 40% of Democrat voters and many more Republican voters believe that there were some shenanigans with the vote of 2022.

Simply claiming that there were none, that the vote was clean, has not convinced anyone, Democrat or Republican. Claiming it now makes them look like fools, and implies that we, the citizenry are fools.

We are not. We can see the irregularities, we can see the oddities, the changes in the election procedures that caused confusion, the covered windows and the exclusion of observers and other oddities that led to questions…..the sudden changes in vote counts that defied all logic.

Instead of addressing these, they simply claim that it is all a “Big Lie”. I doubt that they are convincing themselves, much less the citizenry of the US.

I still am waiting for them to actually CHARGE Donald Trump with anything, much less convict him (wait, the can’t convict him of anything as they are not a court….)


And when they claim Big lie, it isn’t like the Dems and the Media haven’t liked to us over and over……Remember, all of those “Conspiracy Theories about Covid that turned out to be true….

2 thoughts on ““The Big Lie”

  1. its to lay the ground work so the sheep won’t be outraged when the just-us dept arrests trump and family and perpwalk them on live tv. hell hath no fury like a tyrant made to be afraid. the rule of law is long dead. we lost before we even realized we were in a fight. next up, mandatory everything and gulags for dissenters. they should be careful though. some people give up when they have nothing to lose. some just get started. a man with a hungry child is a dangerous thing indeed.

    • And whoever the people are who Need a tampon? Yeah,, piss Them off more. It could get bloody.
      See what I did there?

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