Shame they didn’t apply this to all the BLM and Antifa rioting people innit?

I mean, dressing up and getting ready for a riot, while not a great idea, isn’t really a crime.

Or, at least is wasn’t in all the other unrest, especially when the Antifa folks did it.

But THESE folks are (supposedly) White Nationalists….which is also not a crime (not that I approve, but if they can ban one set of beliefs, they can ban others….).

If (and it is a great deal of If) these folks aren’t Feds or on the Federal payroll, then this is still a demonstration of double standards…..Lots of Left Approved Groups dressed up with hard body armor and riot shields and clubs and MARCHED to the riots….and police stood by and watched….But that was just before the election and therefore just Freedom of Assembly and such… This time it is (supposedly) a Right Wing group so they are Un-Approved and therefore subject to different standards.

(and we are supposed to believe that 30+ men all climbed into the back of a 12 ft U-Haul truck to go to the riot? Really?)

Look: I am all for making people follow reasonable standards of behavior in public and when interacting with their fellow citizens with whom they might disagree….. But let us be consistent here. Not one standard for the Leftists and another standard for the (supposed) Right.

Of course this could, as some feel, simply be an op by the FBI or another Fed group to make the Right look bad… , especially what with the timing and the Show going on in Congress to Link His Orangeness with the White Supremacist folks and Jan 6th and all that….

Change my mind….





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