Why is it that all the mass shootings (that we hear about, anyway,) are perpetuated with AR-style rifles exclusively? Why not AK or other style firearms? There are a lot of different types available, many even less expensive.

It seems odd that what with the abundance of other types of semi-automatic “Assault Weapon” types of rifles available that there would be others used nearly as much as AR-Types.

Unless, of course, they aren’t random mental health issue caused massacres, but rather incidents planned (and paid for) to specifically focus attention to the AR types.

Just sayin’

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  1. Damned good question that I am sure we would not like the answer to it, because that answer would show how low this deep state will go to get whatever they want whenever they want it.

  2. Notice too, that these incidents occur when an extreme diversion of public attention is needed… EVERY.SINGLE.TIME…

  3. The Texas Tranny had either no job or was flipping burgers while crashing on Granny’s floor but he committed “suicide” like a typical tranny with rifles, accessories, and “kit” worth $5,000 to $10,000. Someone funded that theater and selected the firearms.

  4. You mean all those surplus ARs warehoused after the military switched to M-4s easily converted to semi-automatic? Those ARs?

    • you obviously have no knowledge of that which you speak.
      Please tell us about all those “easily converted AR’s”.

  5. Bill Maher (I know, He of all people) pointed out on his latest HBO show spoke about Uvalde quite a bit. He said it didn’t matter WHAT kind of rifle was used, the perp had 40 MINUTES of uninterrupted time to kill his victims.

    If you have a chance, take the time to watch the show. Maher and his guests had some discussion on why the U.S. is becoming a shit hole and what we the citizens need to do to correct it.

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