So it looks like it takes about two years

To find, drug, and program some poor kid to become a mass shooter.

I mean, none under Trump and none since the “election”….

Yet all of a sudden, we have two…. in less than a month. Two mass shooters. Both young men, both who had “indications”. Likely both are on some sort of psychotropic medication, and both using “Assault Rifles” to do their murder. It’s almost as if there is a playbook for “Mass Shooter”. Kill a family member that they live with, have a history of escalating psychosis and violence, acquire a weapon, find a school or a church, and go off. Much like Adam Lanza, innit?

Were one inclined to wear one’s Tinfoil Beanie shiny-side-in than one might see the odd coincidences piling up….and realize that the Dems are losing their bid for election and power in the Mid-Terms…..and draw your own conclusions. “Once is coincidence…..”

Expect a renewed push for a ban on Assault Weapons” very soon….


ETA: Reports are that the shooter used a very high end AR type rifle. Where did an 18 year old get the money for a 2000 dollar rifle and an 800 dollar sight?

This is looking more and more like a manufactured tragedy.



7 thoughts on “So it looks like it takes about two years

  1. And the left is already dancing in the blood of the kids…

  2. yeh and the buffalo shooter had a couple k of gear plus hi end rifle, while whining about not having enough money for minor stuff. i wonder how they are going to cover the fact the texas shooter was a tranny nutjob.

  3. Indeed… After seeing what has gone on the last couple of years, it’s my belief that the Left will stop at NOTHING to hold onto power. Wiping its butt with the Constitution by short-circuiting the Second Amendment would be gravy for them…

    …I will NOT comply… TPTB are afraid of us… Let’s keep ’em that way…

  4. Two years of lockdowns, no school, masks to depersonalize others, and mental facilities and counselors that are overwhelmed and unable to treat the breakout of mental issues caused by this act of abject stupidity and you have a perfect storm of sociopaths ready, willing and able to wreak havoc.

    Better buckle up ’cause there’s likely a lot more on the way until we get serious about treating those suffering from mental issues and actively deterring their actions.

    Unfortunately this stuff is contagious with sociopathic scum looking for fame the easy way who are seeing other losers become famous for killing people so they glom on and do it too.

    • Ya really think that an unemployed 18 year old kid has a 5000 dollar line of credit? Who is gonna give him the credit card?
      $3k for the rifle
      $800 sight
      $350 for the ammo
      $150 ish for the other gear (plate carrier, pack, etc.) .
      At a minimum.

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