Mafia dumping ground

SO the low water levels at Lake Mead (caused by years of water mismanagement of the Colorado River) are exposing all sorts of stuff that have been hidden for 50 years or more…..

Second body found as low water levels continue


I wonder how many more they will find? I wonder if the police will be able to close a bunch of cold cases?


Perhaps Jimmy Hoffa? (Nah, he’s in a foundation in Detroit or New Jersey)

6 thoughts on “Mafia dumping ground

  1. I chuckle at the New Jersey theories.

    Storm drains get flooded every time it rains in Detroit. Why drag a body or soon-to-be body 600 miles when you can drag it 50 feet.

    • They’ve been moving water from the dams upstream for over 20 years to try and keep Lake Mead higher… They’ve known that there was a deficit of snowpack and other inflow to the system every year for over 20 years. Now there is no more water to put into Lake Mead. But Lake Mead is the only one with trigger levels and treaties that happen at certain water levels. Investigate and you will see what I am talking about. The drying up of Lake Mead has been coming for years.

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