“You can trust us again”

Seems that now that things are no longer politicized re: Covid, the police in Victoria, Australia want to be friends with the populace again.

Sure, that’ll happen soon.

DoYa think that anyone will ever trust the police there again? They were Soldiers of the State, and just followed orders….never questioning as to their legality or the rightness of those orders…or the fact that some protests were acceptable (BLM protests) and some weren’t (“No Masks, No lockdown!”). One was a useless and idiotic protest, the other questioned and threatened the power of the State.

Sure, you can trust them….


2 thoughts on ““You can trust us again”

  1. Liars and controllers, they deserve no respect. As several thousands of political wonks here deserve less than that for their efforts to destroy everything. Phil has an excellent overview of this in his latest post.

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