So far, Joe’s plan

Is working…


Not like he announced, however.

The Price of Crude Oil went up by 4% on Monday.

Not what he told us to expect, izzit?

But, of course, he gets to cut the Strategic Petroleum Reserve levels by 1/3 or so in the next 6 months. Which will, of course, weaken the US should someone decide to make war on America.

Which might be the real plan…One might think that that is the plan, if one were to mistrust thoseĀ  who are pulling Slow Joe’s strings. “Weaken the US” has been a DNC cornerstone, especially in the past few years as the DNC power people have become more ascendant.


2 thoughts on “So far, Joe’s plan

  1. the plan is nuclear war, but joe’s bucking the plan. that’ why they are trotting out hunter’s laptop again. meanwhile slojoe has to look like he’s doing something. and another million illegals invade us.

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