Something odd about the NYC subway attack

I’m talking about the subway attack on 4/12/22.

Dude left the keys to his rented van at the scene? Really? And the cops knew to process that evidence first? I mean, lots of evidence that he might have left behind, but generally keys stay in a pocket. (how did they link the keys to him in the chaos of the aftermath of the shooting?) All the backpacks and purses and parcels and coats and such….but they fouced on the keys (conveniently) left behind….And those keys led the investigators directly to the rented van……

And he was wearing a high visibility “Construction Vest” ….do people wear these on the Subway to and from work? Or was it to mark him to the other participants?

And, oddly (and coincidentally), the security cameras in the subway were again not working. How convenient.

And no one was killed. 10 shot, but no one killed…shot in a subway car. Close range. . Strange. No one bled out, desopite being shot at close range. No one.

Funny how these coincidences all happened at the same time, innit?

Perhaps it is just the reporting, but I don’t think so….I am thinking there is more to this story than just a deranged black man. Like false flag.

This smells as much as the Epstein “suicide”

ETA 3:15 PM Central: And the “suspect” was just wandering around New York waiting to be caught…..Not in any way distancing himself from the scene. Again, really strange.

What with all the above, I fully expect there to be a “Ghost Gun” in the mix and new legislation regarding gun control to “coincidentally” pop up in the very near future….

7 thoughts on “Something odd about the NYC subway attack

  1. i read about a nyc false flag scheduled for 18 april. i suppose the fbi mark could have slipped his handlers and popped it off early, like tim mcveay.

  2. Construction guys do wear those vests to and from work. Other than that, everything else rings tr… untrue…

    …Funny how those damned security cameras always seem to fail at the precise moment they’re needed… …Every one of them… Yeah… Right…

    …Also funny how a guy can board a subway, put on a gas mask, toss smoke grenades, and shoot up the car, without the event being looked at as an act of terror” afterward… If he wasn’t trying to foment terror, what the hell was he trying to do?…

  3. Hey, the poor guy was upset that he didn’t get his mansion from the BLM. And the camera problem is no surprise, since they are run by somebody who knew someone, not by someone who knew something. This is just a glimpse at the scum that normally is out of sight. Don’t expect logic. For them, that is an insult from Whitey.

  4. There is another glaring mass shooting discrepancy regarding the Dayton incident of 2019.

    There was a records request for the initial police report. That report(if authentic- no reason to see why not) spells out the number of shots fired by both suspect (43) and responding police (65 shots fired, plus one shotgun blast).
    The coroner’s report said the suspect was struck 30 times, but was wearing body armor so most handgun bullets would be ineffective unless hitting an uncovered portion of the shooter’s anatomy. There was one DPD ofc. Using an AR variant and emptied half a mag(16 bullets).

    Of the gunshot 26 victims, a total of 69 gunshot wounds were recorded in this police report. It specifically mentioned the shooter’s sister(Megan Betts) suffering two gunshot wounds but it was thought to be the same bulletproof that penetrated her arm and entered her torso.

    So, we have a total of 109 shots fired(one being a shotgun blast) and a total of 69 recorded gunshot wounds to the victims and an additional 30 to the suspect.

    Are we to believe that 99 of 109 rounds fired ended up hitting somebody?

    The responding police were lauded for their courage and skill at taking out the shooter. But, the shooter only fired 43 rounds. There are 26 additional gunshot wounds that need an explanation.

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