So Economics overwhelms Environment….It matters until it doesn’t.

The double standards of the DNC types never ceases to amaze me.

Air quality standards were important….until they aren’t. The Environment matters…then it doesn’t.

They matter until the price of gasoline starts to damage their popularity in the polls, then those standards …..change. Become less important.

For years, the EPA disallowed the sale of E-15 gas in the warmer months (and outright banned it in some places) because it is more volatile than “regular” pump gas, and “May contribute to Smog” and other supposed environmental issues. They claimed that keeping the air quality standards kept tens of thousands of people from having health issues and that poor air quality contributed to thousands of deaths….. Regulations that cost the American people thousands of dollars every year. Because It Was Important. They told us so.

Until, of course, the price of gasoline at the pump got high enough that people started to become angry at the Biden Administration for those high prices….and the polls showed that his already declining popularity numbers were falling even more.

Then the EPA decided that cheaper gas meant more than the supposed Air Quality standards that they had been ruthlessly enforcing for many years. 

Funny how that works, innit? It was a matter of life and death that we kept our environment and Air Quality standards up, even at the price of more expensive gas….for over 20 years…..until it became an impediment to the DNC…then it suddenly no longer mattered. Suddenly.

If it weren’t for Double Standards, I really don’t think they’d have any standards at all.

2 thoughts on “So Economics overwhelms Environment….It matters until it doesn’t.

  1. Tell that to the homeless. Remember the Left always use to champion the homeless and their needs. And now ? When was the last time you even heard the word ‘homeless’. They apparently all found places to land and jobs to work at.

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