Vaccinated Democrat lawmakers get covid at maskless retreat

And here all this time we’ve been told by the DNC types that Covid was gonna kill us all if we didn’t get the Jab and wear Face Diapers forever…

Yet they had a retreat where masks were optional…and they were ALL vaccinated.  7 Lawmakers are positive and all are symptomatic. 

So much for their lies. I will believe that the disease is a terrible killer when they start acting like it. They certainly don’t act like they believe it.

Remember this when they tell you about the NEXT “variant”….

2 thoughts on “Vaccinated Democrat lawmakers get covid at maskless retreat

  1. Don’t worry, they’ve started beating the drum for Deltacron now to keep the fear going and maintain the control they’ve enjoyed. – most likely it pops as a “OMG we’re doomed!” crisis only after the mid-terms though.

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