If they can do it to them, they can do it to you as well:

Look: I like the idea of making life difficult for those rich Russian folks who were supporting the Putin Regime….Without their support, Putin would not haveĀ  the power he does. Getting them to put pressure on him to end the invasion of Ukraine is a wonderful thing. But here is something to think about:

The US Government froze assets, impounded property, and otherwise waged economic war against those rich (Filthy Rich!) Russians…

Did they commit a crime? Were they even accused of committing a crime? Were there trials? A hearing? Any evidence presented?

What happened to the Rule of Law? When I was growing up, my parents taught me that it was the Rule of Law and the associated framework of protections from government overreach that separated the United States of America from all other countries in the world.…but that was a long time ago….more than half a century…. I guess that has changed.

If the US Government can perpetrate such acts in the name of convenience, just to piss the Rich Russian folks off, so they apply pressure on Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, what is to say they cannot do so with YOUR assets? Say you go to a protest and the Feds decide that you are a troublemaker…..Or your brother, or father or son does something and is branded a troublemaker, and they wish to make your life miserable in order to discourage him from continuing in his protest( or other actions) which make the State uncomfortable….Or a close friend…..Or some members of your church.

Canada did it to those protesters in the “Great Honkening” just a few months ago….but that was Canada not the United States….but now? I dunno if there is a difference anymore.

If they can do it to these “Oligarchs” who have not committed a crime (nor even been accused of committing a crime) what is to stop them from using such tactics on you and your bank account and your property?

“Nice retirement account you have there….shame if somethin’ happened to it….”

Seriously….think about what I say. Your car impounded, locked out of your (legally possessed) home…your bank accounts seized without even a pretext, your credit cards revoked or suspended…..all to apply pressure on SOMEONE ELSE or because you pissed off the wrong Officer of the State.


3 thoughts on “If they can do it to them, they can do it to you as well:

  1. Can, will and do.
    Ever read about people getting pulled over by the cops with a bunch of cash and having it seized?

  2. I said the same . These are private citizens, we have no legal right to seize their stuff. No matter how despicable they may or may not be.

  3. And they didn’t target private Iranian citizens, or others. Don’t know why the Russians are a new thing. Maybe it’s just creating a ‘new precedent’.

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