So the pushback is working

Lots of changes on the “vaccine” front in Canadia, likely influenced by the border blockade.

No “tax” on the unvaccinated (for now)

In some places, an end to Vaccine mandates.


I still think that this ends with violence, as the Canadian Government will not let this disrespect and disobedience pass. At some point, arrests (and maybe worse) will happen….likely as soon as they figure out how to get enough tow trucks mobilized. THe cops will, as always, follow orders.

Further, I’d bet that other retribution happens later, as they will track down each and every protester they can, and use the tax people or some other agency to punish them for being uppity. Bet on it. Lots of ways to make life miserable when you have the poser of the government of a country to wield.

2 thoughts on “So the pushback is working

  1. idk. seems likely, but the farmers are joining in, and others. they are threatening to call in the military. i think to tow them, but the media took it as tanks and guns so the squawking has begun. i’m not sure the military will comply either. we’ll see.

  2. Don’t mess too much with truckers and farmers if you enjoy having enough to eat.

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