Huh….they think having more natural gas will make pricing get lower

Who’a thunk that?

U.S. Senators Want To Put Brakes On LNG Exports To Curb Domestic Energy Bills.


It’s almost like they think that more natural gas supply will bring down prices. (this is corollary to the “don’t ship it overseas because then the price will go up locally” part of their message. Are these the same folks that are doing their best to make it difficult to find and exploit other gas wells here is the US? That supported a stop to new gas wells on Federally controlled land? That supported shutting down the pipeline to bring us cheap oil from canada?

Kinda two faced there , innit? I mean, yes, sending all that natural gas to europe will raise the price here. Contrawise, having even more gas supply available here in the US will make our prices go down…

If they believe that we need low natural gas prices, why are they supporting all of slow Joe’s initiatives to reduce our domestic supply of oil and natural gas?



3 thoughts on “Huh….they think having more natural gas will make pricing get lower

  1. or re they trying to strangle europe into helping us wag the dog in ukraine?

    • Doesn’t have to be one reason–might be that strangling the EU is a feature, not a bug.

      • ah, you are wise indeed. i’m told i have a one-track mind.

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