So the Blockade has, apparently, been cleared.

But what keeps citizens, in cars or trucks (or farm or construction equipment, if it comes to that) from simply re-occupying the bridge?

Or, for that matter, simply “Slow Rolling” the bridge? Say every car or truck only moves at 5 mph, crosses the bridge, and returns back to Canada and does it again?

How much actual shipping traffic would still move if the bridge were jammed with slow rolling cars (and perhaps a LOT of them have “mechanical” issues or flat tires to further reduce the flow)?

Just sayin’.

7 thoughts on “So the Blockade has, apparently, been cleared.

  1. Article I saw said the cars and trucks were removed but concrete barriers had been put in place, I assume to keep cars and trucks from a repeat performance.

    Not sure how this reopens the bridge.

  2. We are not going to vote or protest our way out of what has to come, B.

  3. So, Glenn: you gonna start it?
    Man the barricades?
    Fire the first shot?
    gonna touch off the killing?

    I’d want that to be the last option. In fact, I’d go outa my way to keep it from happening. Are you gonna start the violence? Or are you all talk?

    • I’d like this to be the last option as well, but I think Glen is right. Something’s going to tip the scale. People have had enough on many levels…

      You don’t have to be the first to pull the trigger. You just need to know what side you’re on when it’s pulled…

  4. A nationwide strike is the best response to this. No one’s breaking the law by getting a case of the “Blue Flu.” Imagine the tax revenue that won’t be realized! A potent message can be sent by just staying home for a few days. Don’t work. Don’t buy anything. Starve the beast.

  5. Time for Canadian truckers to blockade the major cities and stop all deliveries.

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