6 thoughts on “I’m betting “False Flag”

  1. Yep, the sole Confederate and sole Nazi flags seen at the protest both looked suspiciously new out of the package still with creases in them.

    Always possible its a narcissistic dickhead trying to ruin it for everyone, but more likely given their track record of doing so, its a government or leftist action and attempt to discredit the protests.

  2. I spent an hour or so watching a live feed from Ottawa. It looked like everyone involved was enjoying themselves. That has to be setting the leftists off to no end.

    Didn’t see any Confederate flags, but did see the Black-Out Gadsden being carried by one fellow.

  3. What’s his problem with nazi’s. He’s appeared multiple times in a nazi uniform. So it should be old home week for him.

  4. They are pissed people parked on the lawn at a memorial, and hung a flag on Terry Fox. Who gives a f()k. Trudeau is doing everything to cast shame, shame I say, on the PEOPLE. And Trudeau is loosing. The protest is getting larger, and he is getting weaker.

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