“‘Aggressively’ arresting”

Yep, some cops shouldn’t be cops.

Thing is, folks in Ottowa felt the arrest (and the handling) of the old man was wrong…..But no one did more than protest.

Canadian police filmed ‘aggressively’ arresting great-grandfather after he honked at ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest


Cops  are a needed part of society….But cops are cops, and they do tend to pick on those who are most easily forced into compliance…


And I think the cops in Ottowa are kinda scared right now. People simply aren’t being compliant like they used to be. But the cops who did this need to outed….and beaten……as a lesson to others.


3 thoughts on ““‘Aggressively’ arresting”

  1. For honking his horn. And apparently the law or rule they invoked was not for car horns, but larger airhorn types. What a bunch of vindictive crap.

  2. Gestapo THUGS are NOT needed. When will these PIGS face jail time???

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