Sorry, but “NO”

Ukraine is about to get itself invaded by Russia (Biden pretty much gave the green light  Putin a few days ago)…..and I feel really sorry for the citizens of Ukraine…


But they chose not to become part of NATO, and the US should not enter that conflict…..Again, I feel for the people of Ukraine, but their elected leaders have made the choice….

If their neighbors think that there needs to be some intervention, let THEM take action. If the other NATO nations feel the need, let them feel free to enter the fray (hint: Most NATO nations have neither the personnel nor the materiel (nor the budget) to wage a conflict of any kind….they’ve been hiding behind the US’s skirts for decades) and could easily be defeated by even small countries like Nambibia….

The US has no real interests in Ukraine, and none worth our military boys and girls dying for. Unfair for the Ukrainian people. perhaps, but there it is.

Let Europe deal with the invader…if any of them have the ability.

9 thoughts on “Sorry, but “NO”

  1. so many problems…..”elected leaders”. their elected leaders were deposed by hillary et al in 2014 and replaced with a puppet regime which they continue to exploit for grift. ….”no interest”? the u.s., correct. the biden crime family has a vested interest in continuing the grift, but more importantly they can’t let putin get his hands on the evidence of the grift. they are so dirty that even libs will lynch them and they know it. further ukraine hasn’t been one country since the 2014 debacle. they have been engulfed in civil war with their russian speaking, russian heritage people to the east and south. the area was part of russia until so war or other in the late 1800’s and they identify as russians. putin will retake that region up to the dneiper river, the historical russian border. if we step in millions will die, just as they want. remember, ass to the blast.

  2. Biden needs to keep things together over there to keep his crackhead son raking in his millions.

    For decades our military has been misused as mercenaries for Bigmoney. It’s about time WE THE PEOPLE demand that the military be used to defend OUR borders!

  3. I’m cool with supplying them weapons and letting the Russians bleed some more. But our people need to stay home. We have a bigger problem further east.

  4. germany balked and france wants to negiate/surrender. sweden refusing overflight, czechs say they will withdraw from nato if we go in. clearly, they have no stomach for this fight. we shouldn’t either. but the potato in chief will b/c prior stated reasons.

    • negotiate! ug. reminds me of that bruce willis movie, the fifth element. the bad guys want to negotiate. bruce blows off the leader’s head. negotiations terminated.

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